Hats 4 Heads was set up in 2004 by our good friend Corinne after her sister lost her hair through chemotherapy.   

Like many others, she found it traumatic. The services that should have been readily available were non-existent and no one can imagine the stress experienced when trying to buy a couple of hats to cover a rapidly balding head. There’s absolutely no fun in standing in the middle of a shop with a patchy head trying on tight uncomfortable hats, not to mention a well known department store refusing to let her use the changing rooms!

For this reason, Hats 4 Heads aim to provide stylish hats for all ages with one main requirement: they must be comfortable for people who have lost their hair through alopecia, cancer or  illness.

Hats 4 Heads continue to build on the company’s foundation & core philosophy that

In all cases customers can try on the hats in the comfort of their own home without feeling awkward or embarrassed.