Beautiful, soft self-tie scarves. Did you know… the quickest & easiest way to tie a head scarf is to fold it into a rectangle (or for smaller scarves a diamond with one corner folded in) lie it across your head, pull back the sides & secure with a hair band or scrunchie. Easy-peasy! Plus you can easily adjust the tension and experiment with how you style the back.

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Long Headscarf with soft Headband – 4 colours

Christmas Head Scarves

Wavy Self-Tie Large Headscarf – 3 Colours

Spot and Flower Large Head Scarves – 2 colours

Sketch Daisy Large Head Scarves – 3 colours

Large Head Scarves – 4 colours

Stocking Wig Cap/Hat Liner (x 2) – Black


Stocking Wig Cap/Hat Liner (x 2) – Natural


Red & white stripe with red border 24″ square scarf


Animal print hat tie